PYJ, Yealue in War of Words over Nimba Disputed Votes

first_imgGarrison YealueSenator Prince Y. Johnson and Representative Garreson Yealue, both from Nimba County are at each other’s throats following the controversial October 10, 2017 Representative election in District #4.The war of words ensued between the two Nimba lawmakers as a result of  disagreement that emanated from the outcome of the election that put sitting Representative Yealue at the losing end.Yealue has meanwhile accused Johnson of being the chief architect of the  loss of his legislative seat, which he claimed to have won at the October 10 polls.Yealue, who appeared on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS) at Truth 96.1 FM, yesterday morning, said as far as he is concerned, he remains the winner of the district’s representative seat.  However, as it stands without a clear court ruling, he believes that Sen. Johnson, who is in favor of Gonpu Kargon, has plotted to strip him of his constitutional right. Kargon is Yealue’s closest opponent in the race. Authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) have on previous occasions declared Kargon as winner.“Sen. Johnson is a very wicked leader, but I promise that I will come up with a time bomb press conference soon against his ugly deeds. I have been putting a five-page document together on Sen. Johnson, and what I have in that document will discuss more of his ugly deeds as far back as 1989,” Yealue claimed.Sen. Johnson: “I have job for Yealue, but not at the House of Representatives”Up to yesterday’s radio talk show, Yealue believes that Sen. Johnson is not a person to unite Nimbaians, “because he is not interested in the unity of our people; he is boastful of the respect we have for him. He thinks he is demi-god, but we want to tell him that we mean well for our county, and therefore will not sit by to watch him damage the county’s unity.”He alleged that Sen. Johnson told him that he will not win the case involving him and the NEC, no matter what. However he said that Senator Johnson assured him that if he drops his pursuit of justice at the Supreme Court, he (Sen. Johnson) will offer him an assistant ministerial spot or, better still, a position to serve at the local level.Yealue said he is not in search of a job from the hands of Johnson or the government, because he has laid a good foundation for his life, even before becoming a lawmaker in 2011.Whether it is true or not, Yealue boasted of building six houses before he became a lawmaker in 2011 and that he is now a lawyer.“So I don’t need his job. Let him give it to Kargon, who he thinks is qualified enough,” Yealue said.He accused Sen. Johnson of giving Cllr. Cooper Kruah (now Minister of Post and Telecommunications) US$ 6,000, to lobby for Kargon and “succeed in snatching my fairly won position. But if their mission is to bribe the Justices at the Supreme Court or the Chief Justice himself, they will not succeed because I have the confidence in those Justices and the Chief Justice on grounds that they are not cheap, and will not reduce themselves to any evil Sen. Johnson has plotted.”He said the October 10, 2017 election results from the district showed that he won with 6, 153 while his closest rival, Kargon, received 6,050 of the votes.“In fact the Tweh River Region, which constitutes 75 percent of the overall number of residents, is on my side, while Kargon has 25 percent supporting him contrary to Sen. Johnson’s claim that I am using my own money to fight a fruitless battle. My people are the ones contributing the money to pay my lawyers,” Yealue said.Yealue ran on the ticket of the People’s Unification Party (PUP), one of a number of collaborating parties that pledged support to then Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in last year’s presidential elections.Sen. Johnson has, however,  said that if Yealue has nothing good doing since he lost the election, he should think of how to manage the money he earned while serving at the 53rd Legislature, and improve the lives of his family.“Yealue is my son, but I will not sit idly and listen to him castigate me for nothing. He should find something important to talk about rather than attacking my reputation on the radio. I will not take that from him,” Sen. Johnson said.Johnson admitted that he has told Yealue not to lose hope, because it is still possible that he, Sen. Johnson, can speak with President George Weah to find him (Yealue) an assistant minister position at any of the ministries.“Let him forget about the lawmaker’s position, because he has already lost it. As the political godfather of Nimba, I will speak with the President to find Yealue an assistant minister job. But if he does not accept it, we can still find something for him to do at the county level,” Johnson assured.He said it is unfortunate that Yealue is getting at him with falsehood, “because the problem with Yealue is that he, as anyone else running for a political seat in Nimba, wanted me to support him. But it was not possible then because I too had a candidate in the race in that district. So I could not stop supporting an MDR candidate because of love for Yealue. That was not possible at all,” Sen. Johnson said.Sen. Johnson denied Yealue’s claim of striping him of his legislative seat, because of his position in Nimba politics. “If I have such a power to take away people’s positions, I should have given myself the presidency today. That sounds so funny to me, and I wonder if Yealue understands what he’s talking,” Sen. Johnson rhetorically asked, adding that Yealue has the right to seek the attention of the law through the court system, but he also needs to accept decisions reached against him.He said NEC did a recount at Kpaiplay polling center, and Yealue lost by three votes. “He took exception to the results and lodged a complaint with NEC. There again, he lost. But as he did earlier, he appealed to the Supreme Court. Let’s wait and see what comes out of the court because we are sure he is already defeated,” Johnson told his audience.About Yealu’s threat of staging a press conference to expose his alleged ugly deeds, Sen. Johnson said it is up to Yealue to say whatever he wants, but he remains certain of his impeccable character.“We all take responsibilities for our actions and I don’t know what else he has to tell the public other than the same old and well known stories about my roles at the Ministry of National Defense, the war front and now in government. I don’t know but I look forward to his so-called time bomb press conference against me. I will respond when there is a need,” Johnson declared.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img