Defense Secretary halts Pentagon recall of bonuses from California National Guard service

first_imgSecretary of Defense Ash Carter released a statement Wednesday halting the Pentagon’s collection of bonuses wrongfully paid to national guard members.Listen Now Outrage spread after the LA Times revealed the California National Guard had been recalling millions of dollars from thousands of service members who took re-enlistment bonuses during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Guard said the payments were illegal when they were made, and over the last few years has garnished wages and used collection agencies to recoup the funds. Carter’s order is putting those efforts on hold until a more equitable solution can be found.Oregon and New Mexico are also looking at possible over-payments.In an emailed statement, Lieutenant Colonel Candis Olmstead, a spokesperson for Alaska National Guard wrote that the Guard is, “not aware of any instances of over-payment for enlistment or reenlistment bonuses.” in Alaska.last_img