Love Shanghai against selling links quality content is the essence of Shanghai Dragon

purchase link is a kind of cheating, why this algorithm also master a lot of links for punishment? Love Shanghai will remind you to do in advance corresponding improvement in algorithm improvement, this is clearly tells us: "we would like to believe that most of the webmaster friends are in unknown circumstances of such operation. So want to have a similar intentional interference search results behavior of the station as soon as possible to be modified, if our site is selling links behavior, should be promptly removed, so as not to be punished. We found love Shanghai once the launch announcement, the implementation of the algorithm to date will not be far away, webmaster should make adjustments and prepare the site.

: love Shanghai for the sale of the link algorithm will come into effect


two: love Shanghai treat sale link to the site will be equally

this love Shanghai clearly against sale link behavior, will be directly related to the weight of the good news portal; before love Shanghai seems to have a special care for the high weight of the site, the website of the poor quality of the article can also appear in the news source, the purchase link will not affect the website weight. With the adjustment of the algorithm, and improve the Shanghai love slowly penalties for those high weight website, the love of Shanghai proposed against selling links, I believe many news portal will be severely punished.

focus on the link, not as good content >

at the end of October Shanghai launched a super love chain cheating algorithm, buy links have been punished accordingly, this day Shanghai again selling links will also hit the end of October, in fact the hyperlink cheating algorithm, love Shanghai has told the webmaster, the sale can improve the weights of the website link is called cheating, this time again, there are two main reasons:

with love Shanghai launched a hyperlink cheating algorithm, link platform will be eliminated, the purchase and sale of links in the future behavior in addition to being hit, the effect will be gradually reduced, the chain in the future in Shanghai may not "Dragon Emperor" role, is a more effective the vote, what type of link is a vote of meaning? In addition to the relationship between love, Shanghai will certainly explain in the later algorithm adjustment, what kind of link is meaningful, therefore, do more links for web sites, the greater the risk is, love Shanghai because the rules say, improvement an algorithm for love in Shanghai, will make your site back to the night before liberation.

by the last purchase link penalty case, some of the weight of a good site also be punished, the punishment is not "all-round", but "benevolence" according to the website of cheating in place to do the corresponding punishment, so we found a lot of fall right site is not K but reduced too stingy to pull out a hair. Keywords the purchase link ranking. The website included snapshot and long still.