Keywords ranking day three Shanghai dragon to remain stable

increased the weight of the site itself

website weight from web poll from the user click stream, from the search engine for website evaluation, so divided into three.

1, to love Shanghai to adjust the direction of

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently, Shanghai has been in love adjustment algorithm, penalty low quality sites 6.22 and 6.28 is a big move, love Shanghai LEE club owners also talked about love in Shanghai in the near future to change the algorithm to provide better search results for the user experience. We recently in the Shanghai dragon, also found that the site keywords ranking a day three of the morning, sometimes ranked first on the afternoon of eighth, some even on page second, in the evening when some will return to the morning rankings, or have a certain improvement in the site keywords ranking is not stable, and exchange a lot of friends to discuss this issue, today is the result of communication and combined with some ideas of their own, to talk about how to ensure the stability of the rankings in Shanghai will continue to update algorithm environment.

to adjust the direction of love Shanghai personally think it can be divided into two aspects, one is to love Shanghai for known requirements and suggestions to the basic work of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon. Here we can refer to "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", and the club owners love Shanghai love Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area for everyone finishing some of Shanghai dragon data, these are the love Shanghai official, represents the idea of the core algorithm love Shanghai, if you follow these operations to the site, can be completely to avoid the love Shanghai adjustment, constantly improve the weight. For example, love Shanghai webmaster club LEE released within 7.2 days of the announcement about 6.22 and 6.28 of the algorithm to adjust the low quality site is punishment, it is known that we can at this point to adjust the strategy, more good website content, to attract users to click.

ranking stability and improvement from two aspects, one is to adjust the direction of love in Shanghai, another one is the blacksmith own hard, high weight website ranking will not. Here we do a simple analysis from these two aspects, the article hope to have some help.

second is to predict the unknown love Shanghai algorithm, some friends may be very confused, you’re not in love with Shanghai engineer, you do not know or have friends love Shanghai engineers, how can you predict the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted? The prediction does not necessarily need to love Shanghai well, for example, some time ago rampant love Shanghai ranked clicks, I’m such a tool would be a simulation click cheating to deal with, this and last year and this year is the brush fire love Shanghai related search and the drop-down box tools will be banned in Shanghai love. Is not reported, not the time, looking forward to love Shanghai faster algorithm to solve this vulnerability.