The 365 regiment of the website chain met earlier

I believe you for connecting the fields of work are not lazy, so how do the external connection? What kind of connection is helpful to the site? It will have friends think, sending again blog or forum posts need to increase the number of your links appropriate? Is the use of the anchor text or directly use the web more clear? What problems linked to your site location and the like. The search engine will give some weight to each page, put these weights to score, if have a web page of the score is 10 points, then added a connection score will be passed to a 10%-20% connection, a connection will be divided, and this is why we are fighting for the forum or blog the sofa is affixed to the top position, more or more links page is not recommended to thread or affixed to the top, why not do so I think I need not explain and.


connection work represents a web page on your own website and vote, the voting scores more natural search engines give the weight will be higher, on the contrary do not deliberately go to the website in order to increase the external connection to increase, more and more perfect search engine algorithms at present, all don’t cheat, a countermission. Will not end, do website optimization, rely on external links not lasting, also need to cooperate with the station, the station in place, then the Shanghai dragon Er can sit back. Edit 365 group: 贵族宝贝365dig贵族宝贝/brand/, please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.


had to share with you the cosmetics website how to do in the station optimization, today to share with you the website links work, some time have been busy links to external sites, and concluded some actual combat experience and skills, to share with you, please pointing out the deficiencies in the conversation.

even outside of work is an important work for the website optimization, especially for different industry site, external connection has different requirements, for example, a cosmetics website management, so the web site of the external links should appear in the work related to the cosmetics industry website, and can not appear above in other types of sites, so there is a problem, if your link appears not related to the website in, or is the anchor text is not used with the cosmetics website that you feel connected, on your website will be affected? (do not discuss, the next section will a detailed analysis of