The 10 day of the 7 harvest personal website weight


as everyone knows, the amount of daily update novel website is very great, and you analyze this website page and the article page, above the bottom of the page there is a original introduction, and the chain of such a huge promotion included.

my harvest: update original articles to meet the spider’s appetite, it is not on the pseudo original, if your article is not included, please do the chain spider.

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my harvest: in strict accordance with the requirements of Shanghai Longfeng layout, appropriate stack keywords are allowed. But here I have a question which I ask God to explain to me: why he did not enter the snapshot snapshot included in the article page? Other novel sites are into love Shanghai database snapshot page? Is not artificial intervention love Shanghai? Do not Paizhuan! Do not believe you can check the

my harvest: 1, hand resources are really important, ask the grassroots webmaster? You have many

the simple analysis of the website, only to feel my hands have the resources is really important. How exactly did he do, I from several aspects of the following common Shanghai dragon made analysis:

just saw an article from the A5 station network that is a novel website 10 day Shanghai has 7 weight articles, such figures strongly aroused my curiosity, who use Adsense tools to check, let me more this has been done 3 years of grassroots shame.

station 10 days of nearly 100 thousand of the anti chain, the daily average of 10 thousand, this figure is pure if artificial release was to be a great team to do? In fact, we can clearly see that he that nearly 100 thousand of the chain is actually several old domain name weight novel website article page. As for how to make these old station can give him to do the chain, and are of the same fiction website. I believe everyone can find ready-made resources: either hand or pay to buy.

2, the purchase of related pages within the website the chain is still valid, love Shanghai will punish you!

collection of quantity


three Q:

everyone from this website ranking "can be seen, the webmaster in strict accordance with the requirements of the keywords of the layout of the Shanghai dragon. Such as: the title 1-2 keyword, describe the 2-3 content in the keywords, keyword density is above 3%. Map:

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1, in Shanghai have been used to exhaust conditions, adhere to the original work? A lot of grass.

three, "Shanghai dragon keywords layout

two, the chain number