The correct optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Title site title Title talk about those things

site title is to tell your visitors what the site is about, what is the core competitiveness of the search engine told this website. So, the title of the site is crucial for the search engines, it is the first impression to the search engine. The first impression will have a direct impact on the search engine for website rating, a good website title can not only improve the site keywords ranking, can also be close to the user experience, giving users find everything fresh and new feeling. In addition, when our website title is very eye-catching, very special, even in the keyword search engine ranking did not reach the top three, but our website title more unique and obvious, the user will also search first click on your website and give up the choice before several network station.

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in my knowledge, involving all aspects of website optimization. When we come to understand the meaning of optimization, we can understand: originally, all optimization is analyzed data, variables, project etc. so that they become the most suitable for search engine optimization, this is. Small a punctuation, large internal links, we as long as every step to do the best, I believe that your site will be in the leading station in the station, phoenix. Topic is a bit far, today let’s talk about the site title (Title) of those things.

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site in the optimization process, more and more attention to the user experience, but also attaches great importance to individual. Site whether the station optimization or station optimization, optimization methods cannot do without the website label, and the priority among priorities is the web site of the title (Title) optimization.

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wanted to have a good website title, so we must first understand the title writing.

Website Title

is simply the theme of the site, a site in the site is what, what to do, the website through the search engine to find the hope of others. This is the title of the article, and the title of the site is the site of the title, we called Title in the code label. The website title is revealed a series of characters in the web browser in the title bar. This character can be a word, a phrase, a phrase, or a word. See the easiest way is to open the search engine, input relevant keywords, the first line of the search results is the title of the website.

What is the title of

told the website title (Title) to understand: what is the title, how the web site title role, writing, writing site title site title.

as everyone knows, every learning optimization or every one to the site keywords ranking, should know the importance of the title of the website. In all the tags, search engines should be the most important site title (Title) written.

today I according to this order to explain: