Talk about how to do the internal web site optimization


to everyone to share, although not very technical level, but the solution to the problem is always good. Should be promoted.

The above is my

about some novice webmaster, most want to do is search engine included the site as soon as possible, but the bad weather, even if you add a large number of articles into your website, but it will not be the love of spiders in Shanghai visit, can only stare at waiting.

next second problem is that the article did not quality, this blame me, because I have copied it, so no quality is very common. The last question is the site of the link is too little, has brought the serious influence the own website ranking.

this article by Shanghai Runshi Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd. (贵族宝贝jxrunshi贵族宝贝): original, welcome to reprint comments, please keep this link reproduced, thank you for your cooperation.

this situation I had known, I management of the site is called Shanghai Runshi engineering machinery limited company website, because the company is mainly engaged in engineering machinery leasing as well, just do not experience Shanghai dragon, what, then a large number of copies of other website articles into their own the site, do so for a long time, but included or not see growth, so I listen to the views of others to write original articles in, but still not what effect as before. At that time I was very puzzled, what place did not do it, why not lead to

to solve the above three issues, I put the keyword selected, the key word to change it. Although do have great influence on the site, but in the long run to, I still do. Then I was rich in the quality of the site’s content, those pictures are to add Alt tags, release some of the original article. The last part is the link exchange, Links, to a variety of local links. Although the beginning not what effect, but later, included my website more gradually up, PR value is high.

after careful observation and some in this aspect of the help of friends, I finally found the problems. The first problem is that I did not do the website keyword. (this explain first keyword is not I do that I do website keywords) is the concrete pump parts, from the point of view, the key words are in very inadequate, almost no search volume. You see, the key word choice so key steps are not ready, but also about what optimization ah.