The future of Shanghai dragon road attached attention to the user

optimization for hospital station, I want to say what? We are too much in the same way as the template, the optimization of the chain, the same way. Few users want to know what the hospital really consider in the process of network marketing, users need to love and what kind of forms of online interaction, follow-up and patient tracking service is in place, rather than just a single in the business on the flicker finished. So many medical Shanghai dragon is k time on its website, should not have a complaint, if you choose the risk of industry of Shanghai Longfeng, should have the courage to stand calmly accepted by K.

(1) Lee highlights love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, especially for the injured site, Lee is very sincere and all that, although the site has received a complaint by day more than 1000, but the effective treatment of not less than 80%, he recommended you for serious injury site through love Shanghai station entrance complaints complaints.

for the station optimization of medical

(3) love Shanghai submitted to the small station open structured data, the data are of four types: Internet software, general quiz, online documentation, data download. Love Shanghai to speed up the planning process to create intimate, more search is intended to meet the needs of users, basically can satisfy the search > through structured data display


(2) on the occupation of Shanghai dragon, for some time ago love Shanghai greatly shocked a lot of people think that this occupation Shanghai dragon will slowly die, Lee still believes that as long as the search, this occupation not only disappear, and will have a better development.

Lee shared a small case, such as watercress reviews:

Lee describes the love love Shanghai Shanghai search the development trend of

heard a friend said there is a search session, recommended that I go, there are a lot of famous people will go to search and share the experience of Shanghai dragon, at first I ran the Shanghai Lee team to love Wang Tao, the thing to wish, to the venue after Lee finished, he listened to an end and Lee and everybody interaction.

2, Lee Webmaster Platform clarify and webmaster interaction will gradually strengthen

users to search for Iron Man 3, in the Iron Man 3 bean interaction factors are love Shanghai pay attention to it, for example, now you can see the cooperation platform way to show users reviews, comments, and film score. Not only the increasing proportion score more, can be enriched in the presentation of the form is.

1, Lee will repeat a point, "love Shanghai future search ranking rules over the traditional voting chain shift to user vote for ranking, a single link before voting form is extended to share, evaluation, ratings and other information, and this kind of user participation is more and love in Shanghai the site’s ranking score more important.