PV website promotion strategy

second: improve the website quality and added value, so as to enhance the page included

love Shanghai Spark Program, many webmaster friends do not know how to update the content of the website, because the past is to copy or to Collect competitor’s website information to update, due to the improvement of love Shanghai algorithm many webmaster friends even update article is to identify the Shanghai love right down, in fact, let us to update the article really is difficult, because some of the website does not have content can be updated, but the boss asked us every day to update the number of articles, and sometimes we do not understand for the industry cannot create what valuable content

on this point is deep, I have always been the habit of data analysis, almost in the middle of this month, I in the two site optimization China practicing it with red dates to the two health, the website data analysis, found the PV I site in the reduction, after analysis it, which one of the numbers that I don’t feel too painful, it is I have 2 important keywords ranking has not been stable, there is a decline in ranking keywords these days (down to love Shanghai 18), another in Shanghai (between the fluctuation of love 4-10), I said nothing, wandering on the website of the title has been adjusted, important keywords set position results in less than a week’s time, the 2 important keywords are ranked Shanghai love home, The amount of PV keywords ranking up nature has given me governmentWebsite! (below)

to some new webmaster friends explain what is PV here: in fact, the amount of PV is simply a web page views, click on a web page then brought to the site of a PV; the next promotion website PV Raiders real share:

has many webmaster friends in the mechanism and principle of love Shanghai search engine, how to make your web site optimization fast get good rankings, we want to know the love of Shanghai to give a good website weight value or rank well, it is not only to do a line, the love of Shanghai is to analyze the comprehensive data of this website can judge, which occupies a certain proportion in the comprehensive data inside PV, so how to improve a site PV? Next to share some of my personal experience,

2) we can look for rival >

1) we can find some related books in our industry, so as to understand the knowledge for these books, and copy the above successful information released to our website

some of its own operating method

: the first for the website title settings are adjusted, so as to promote your website important keywords ranking

!In fact, The implementation of

good results! I

on this point I have