How to achieve the integrity of retail business operators

every special holiday, are the major shops business hot time, but also the owner of a big time. In short, during the Spring Festival period, the consumer market will usher in an unusually hot sales boom. In the eyes of the retail merchant, prime time is not only an excellent opportunity to do cigarette sales, but also increase the critical period of economic benefits. For retail businesses, a rare opportunity to make money should not be missed, but more important than making money is the ability to adhere to the integrity of the business philosophy.

saying goes: "in the business of ZTE, reputation from the letter", stressed the importance of good faith in the daily business practices. From the social background, the integrity of the market economy is the most important intangible assets, but also the soul of the market economy. As a typical representative of the market economy, cigarette consumption should comply with the concept of good faith management.

with the gradual increase in retail businesses, consumers in the purchase of cigarettes also have more choices, in order to allow their own cigarette business to achieve long-term development, access to a good reputation of consumers is essential. Especially with the increasing awareness of the rights of consumers, retail businesses only to maintain the interests of consumers, the integrity of the maximum, in order to be able to continue to develop in the fierce competition in the cigarette market.

retail business to do good business, we must first establish a strong business philosophy. As everyone knows, because our country is the implementation of the tobacco monopoly system, the cigarette retail merchants in addition to operate outside the law in accordance with the conventional law, should strictly comply with the "People’s Republic of China tobacco monopoly law" and its implementing regulations in content, strict constraints of their business activities.

secondly, the integrity of the business should be clearly marked price. Prudential and the letter two words, the ultimate meaning is not honest, honest is the basic meaning of integrity management. Goods really want to adhere to the local tobacco companies from the formal channels of purchase, the price is to adhere to the price tag, do not engage in fraud.

again, the integrity of the business but also to persevere. For the cigarette business, the image of good faith management can not be established in the short term, must be consistent, persistent. Not good faith in business district, business and not trustworthy; nor for regular customers integrity, and integrity of the stranger. Do not be tempted by the interests of the temptation to adhere to the true nature of business.

finally, the integrity of business to be treated with peers. As the saying goes: "cigarette retail businesses, Friendliness is conducive to business success." between peers to form a partnership live together in peace together, complement each other, can not beat each other because there is competition between each other and. Not only contrary to the integrity of the business image, but also disrupt the normal market order, affect each other’s normal profit.

for the "good faith" two words, different operators will have a different understanding, of course, in