See how to start a small business after 80

in the eyes of many people, after 80 90 seems to be better, think 80 will just silly work or engage in some It is sheer fiction. things, these are actually Overgeneralization that 80 many aspiring young people, many of them have their own business and achieved success, today the guy after 80 is a representative of the the.

80 after the unknown entrepreneurial story and real life

when the eyes of ordinary people "80" also represents the impetuous and naive, sing and dance "super girl" or "fast men", this word has quietly with wealth, dream soon, whether it is the children of farmers start empty-handed, or the successor of "two rich generation", they create a new wealth group — "80". How do they create the myth, how to realize the dream, today we look at the Shenzhen Jiuzhou commercial telecommunications founder, a 86 year born guy Peng Qi, see if he has the kind of unknown story and real life.

"first pot of gold to open the door of the dream"

for an entrepreneur, the life of the first pot of gold is always so mysterious, full of imagination and seems impossible to touch. "It’s not easy for me to get my first bucket of gold." Peng Qi said.

Peng Qi is the workplace Master age, has a different occupation experience, graduated from the University of Shenzhen to work hard, young he came to Shenzhen for less than two years, from the media company to the Internet Co, from clerk to manager, he set foot in the water to be deeper than the average person. "I was from the beginning of the business, the market is the inspection of enterprise products, field experience and a number of management knowledge so that I chose today’s entrepreneurial path." His experience and hard work also let him dig into the life of the first pot of gold.

"it means a lot to me, the first pot of gold is more of my value, my life is magnified. This is also a very important economic and psychological support for me to become an entrepreneur." Peng Qi said.

for the dream of hard work is not lonely

in Shenzhen forest of Shenzhen city edifice, colorful Kyushu media Limited (Kyushu commercial telecommunications) is not here in an office. Peng Qi was born in 1986 to form his own team.

company is like a bird’s nest, and now its framework, architecture, materials have been well assembled, can operate independently, and some profit." As there is no family background he apparently built on the hearts of the "nest", the Yizhiyijie remember every tree and bush.

Peng Qi in Shenzhen TV