How to break the new love Shanghai period and sandbox period

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new study period phenomenon: new online love Shanghai for a long time do not allow included. Probably more than 2 weeks time.

business experience: new sites through now is not very important, do a good job in accordance with the above three steps, can love rape of Shanghai in 1-24 hours for an arbitrary period of time.

3, every day to update the link, the best way is soft Wen was reproduced. Then is to find related sites and you exchange friendship, not progressing, many will continue to extend the sandbox period.

business experience: do the above three new sites can short time break.

1, a new station on the line – a short period of time into high quality and a large number of links, is the biggest reason leading into the

! sandbox !The conceptual explanation:

3, a new station on the line can be done after a step to attract spider: this recruit webmasters are doing, such as a new station on the line in A5, CHINAZ, or outdated, love Shanghai space, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar left the place such as web links. To attract the spider to break through the

2, fixed time every day to update the content, use your brain cells to die miserable the whole love Shanghai, love Shanghai this spider to suck you to death.

2, a new station on the line before the first link: such as web applications in the process of construction, operation department personnel can open foreign propaganda, and adding appropriate links, waiting for every break through the online website.

how to make new breakthrough love Shanghai period:

how to make new love Shanghai avoid sandbox:

2, a new station on the line – a short period of time the introduction of a large number of collection content, even spam, is the biggest reason leading into the

about the study period and the sandbox of these words in the earlier study of Google search rankings when many people consider that it is a question that many novice webmaster can not accept a thorny issue and cannot accurately judge the business today view will explain how to breakthrough love Shanghai study period and sandbox

new phenomenon: in the sandbox period was just love Shanghai collected a few days, there may be a better position. But after a period of time, will find the ranking dropped sharply, even does not appear in the search results, or for a long time love Shanghai included only display the home page, then the site into a "sandbox".

1, love Shanghai now comparable to the Google sandbox sandbox, sometimes the whole you several months did not discuss. This time all need a quiet mind.

1, a new station should be filled with the appropriate content before: for example, general information websites in about 100 articles, blogs can be in 1-5. Shanghai Longfeng optimization and not obvious signs, such as: Title keywords accumulation etc..


how to make out new Sandbox:

Love Shanghai against selling links quality content is the essence of Shanghai Dragon

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purchase link is a kind of cheating, why this algorithm also master a lot of links for punishment? Love Shanghai will remind you to do in advance corresponding improvement in algorithm improvement, this is clearly tells us: "we would like to believe that most of the webmaster friends are in unknown circumstances of such operation. So want to have a similar intentional interference search results behavior of the station as soon as possible to be modified, if our site is selling links behavior, should be promptly removed, so as not to be punished. We found love Shanghai once the launch announcement, the implementation of the algorithm to date will not be far away, webmaster should make adjustments and prepare the site.

: love Shanghai for the sale of the link algorithm will come into effect


two: love Shanghai treat sale link to the site will be equally

this love Shanghai clearly against sale link behavior, will be directly related to the weight of the good news portal; before love Shanghai seems to have a special care for the high weight of the site, the website of the poor quality of the article can also appear in the news source, the purchase link will not affect the website weight. With the adjustment of the algorithm, and improve the Shanghai love slowly penalties for those high weight website, the love of Shanghai proposed against selling links, I believe many news portal will be severely punished.

focus on the link, not as good content >

at the end of October Shanghai launched a super love chain cheating algorithm, buy links have been punished accordingly, this day Shanghai again selling links will also hit the end of October, in fact the hyperlink cheating algorithm, love Shanghai has told the webmaster, the sale can improve the weights of the website link is called cheating, this time again, there are two main reasons:

with love Shanghai launched a hyperlink cheating algorithm, link platform will be eliminated, the purchase and sale of links in the future behavior in addition to being hit, the effect will be gradually reduced, the chain in the future in Shanghai may not "Dragon Emperor" role, is a more effective the vote, what type of link is a vote of meaning? In addition to the relationship between love, Shanghai will certainly explain in the later algorithm adjustment, what kind of link is meaningful, therefore, do more links for web sites, the greater the risk is, love Shanghai because the rules say, improvement an algorithm for love in Shanghai, will make your site back to the night before liberation.

by the last purchase link penalty case, some of the weight of a good site also be punished, the punishment is not "all-round", but "benevolence" according to the website of cheating in place to do the corresponding punishment, so we found a lot of fall right site is not K but reduced too stingy to pull out a hair. Keywords the purchase link ranking. The website included snapshot and long still.

Novice to do need to pay attention to five issues of Shanghai Dragon

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novice in Shanghai Longfeng often there will be a lot of uncertainty. The most common is often transform keywords modify the title, it is easy to make weight loss website even be right down. So we must do a good job in the site before the keyword analysis, to determine a good website title, do not frequent changes, occasionally modify problem. There is a situation of frequent changes to the template. Of course, the template can be modified, but not frequently do large-scale changes, small changes have little effect on the website.

3, 404 pages

4, Robots.txt file

search engine spiders crawl to the site will be the first to read Robots.txt, and understand what "program can access, which are not. So the new site must upload a file to the root directory of the Robots.txt website to read for the spider. If you are not sure what page and procedures should be banned, which cannot be prohibited, you can upload an empty Robots.txt file inside, what do not write.


website theme

is now learning more and more staff in Shanghai dragon. For the novice, there are a lot of problems that need attention, improper handling of the case may influence the website included, lead to weight loss or be right down.

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice often ignore the 404 page, think this thing is not essential. In fact, the 404 page is not only helpful to enhance the customer experience, the search engine is also friendly. The 404 page is actually write a static page, you can search 404 page template on the Internet, and then uploaded to the site root directory, the server may also get some background settings to take effect.

I have a beginner in Shanghai Longfeng friend, just contact Shanghai dragon soon, soon to buy a registered domain name space build website. Optimization of conscientious do every day, the heart is full of expectations, that you will see your website ranking fell in love with the sea come one day in the near wake. The past is more than two months, he fell in love with the optimization of the key sea no ranking, and included the inside pages of the proportion of less than 10%. He remain perplexed despite much thought, he obviously according to the knowledge of the optimization, why Shanghai will love for their blind? Then I looked at his website, found that he was selling his stockings, home key choice is "stockings legs" this sensitive words, the content of which is also more or less with some color. A complete copy of his website title to love Shanghai yisou, ranked first is not his website. This shows his love of Shanghai site has been down the right, I advised him not to waste time, continue to optimize it in vain, first put the website for a period of time. So it is important to choose the right industry, to go behind you, it is difficult to go back.

2, the title and the template


Zhongguancun business report the entrepreneurial activity over 10 years ago boomNew three board priv

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even worse market will be born champion. High income products, is ranked first in the capital’s red red Rong Rong capital CAITONG 2, fourth quarter earnings rate of 234.45%, the annual rate of return of 92.98%. Data show that the product was established in 2015 November, the average performance, in 2016 last month, suddenly soared more than 100%, and the new third market fluctuations; new Rong Sheng capital’s 2 products "Ding brother fund three new board No. 18 on" and "Ding Ming Wan on brother the new board No. 12 respectively won the runner up and second runner up, the annual earnings were 59% and 48.86%.


as the saying goes, "attitude determines success or failure," surging tide of entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun, what exactly is the purpose of entrepreneurship,

2016 is over. 2016, the new third board market index fell endlessly, financing functions gradually decline.

2016, the entire new third board market index fell endlessly, financing functions gradually decline. On the one hand, the new board of the overall market is poor, the three board market index fell by 25%; on the other hand, many investments are at cost valuation, may be part of the potential income is not reflected in the book.


6 into many entrepreneurs, not speculation

behind this amazing entrepreneurial project growth, is even more amazing capital growth. In 2011, the number of newly established enterprises in Zhongguancun grew by 17% compared with the same period of last year, while the size of Angel Fund in 2011 was 3.48 times that of 2010, an increase of 248%. Capital growth exceeds the growth rate of venture projects, the development of entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun has entered the era of entrepreneurial projects oriented.

"you immediately ‘Ben four’, but also have a few blood and life for ten years? But why not create an immutable and frozen, his own career?" a year ago, only 23 years old, Wyatt sound classic network technology founder Shi Kevin with such simple words, plus a good the product plan, persuaded a was responsible for a ten million traffic website architecture, the 36 year old senior architect, hopping from famous Internet Co to members of a handful of small companies.

Zhongguancun, founder of the new number of enterprises reached 4243 with TechWeb

negative income products showed 63 negative returns too horrible to look at, products, or more than 20% of the product reached 22, more than 30% of the 12 products, the loss of the worst product decline reached 66.2%, the net value of only 1/3.

entrepreneurship report shows that in 2011, the number of newly established enterprises in Zhongguancun exceeded 4000 for the first time, reaching 4243.


"I wish I could continue to be a musician, but only in a different way.". The traditional music record has been badly hit by the Internet, and I want to find something new on the Internet

the new third market qiqicancan, for investment in three new board of private equity fund, 2016’s performance also is just passable. According to the private line network data center to incomplete statistics, by the end of December 2016, the establishment of a full year and a continuous record of the new board event driven strategies of private equity products a total of 143, in 2016 the average rate of return of -4.44%, of which 51 products to achieve positive earnings, accounting for 35.7%, only 30%.

Zhongguancun business development report

entrepreneurial team project by technology blog reported that 36 krypton after second days, there are several interested in related fields of investors came to the door, from the United States returned entrepreneurship Yoon sang how did not expect that their entrepreneurial projects can enjoy a return to capital "chase" walk treatment in Zhongguancun.

according to wind statistics, by the end of December 2016, has completed a total of 2884 listed companies set by the implementation of the new third market since 2016, raised funds amounted to 131 billion yuan, compared to the 2015 data, slightly increased. However, if you take into account the number of new three board listed companies surge in 2016, the new three board set by the market relative, in fact, is still relatively bleak 2016. Although the three new board listed companies number has more than 10000, but generally the new board enterprises are still facing financing difficulties, most financing are large shareholders own shares.

from "venture capital" to "capital chasing business"

, formerly a capital scarce, has now become a scarce venture for excellence." Zhongguancun administrative committee responsible person, former venture enterprises chasing for investment, but now many venture capital institutions in order to obtain a good project source, have been extended to the early stage of the establishment of the incubator itself or through cooperation with early entrepreneurial services, take the initiative to explore and cultivate excellent seeds, these also objectively promote the development of entrepreneurial activity business and service industry.

released 2012 days before the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee hereinafter referred to as the report shows, 2011, business in Zhongguancun for the first time the number of new companies exceeded 4000, entrepreneurial activity even more than ten years ago when the level of the Internet boom. Among the founders of these enterprises, 65% of them devote themselves to "self realization".

it is understood that the new board to fund as the main event driven investment strategy, private placement as a sub strategy, many of them for the new board set by the special fund, but also the product stock strategy part can participate in the new board level two market transactions, and the composite strategy product investment in three new board. For the new three board private

Keywords ranking day three Shanghai dragon to remain stable

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increased the weight of the site itself

website weight from web poll from the user click stream, from the search engine for website evaluation, so divided into three.

1, to love Shanghai to adjust the direction of

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently, Shanghai has been in love adjustment algorithm, penalty low quality sites 6.22 and 6.28 is a big move, love Shanghai LEE club owners also talked about love in Shanghai in the near future to change the algorithm to provide better search results for the user experience. We recently in the Shanghai dragon, also found that the site keywords ranking a day three of the morning, sometimes ranked first on the afternoon of eighth, some even on page second, in the evening when some will return to the morning rankings, or have a certain improvement in the site keywords ranking is not stable, and exchange a lot of friends to discuss this issue, today is the result of communication and combined with some ideas of their own, to talk about how to ensure the stability of the rankings in Shanghai will continue to update algorithm environment.

to adjust the direction of love Shanghai personally think it can be divided into two aspects, one is to love Shanghai for known requirements and suggestions to the basic work of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon. Here we can refer to "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", and the club owners love Shanghai love Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area for everyone finishing some of Shanghai dragon data, these are the love Shanghai official, represents the idea of the core algorithm love Shanghai, if you follow these operations to the site, can be completely to avoid the love Shanghai adjustment, constantly improve the weight. For example, love Shanghai webmaster club LEE released within 7.2 days of the announcement about 6.22 and 6.28 of the algorithm to adjust the low quality site is punishment, it is known that we can at this point to adjust the strategy, more good website content, to attract users to click.

ranking stability and improvement from two aspects, one is to adjust the direction of love in Shanghai, another one is the blacksmith own hard, high weight website ranking will not. Here we do a simple analysis from these two aspects, the article hope to have some help.

second is to predict the unknown love Shanghai algorithm, some friends may be very confused, you’re not in love with Shanghai engineer, you do not know or have friends love Shanghai engineers, how can you predict the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted? The prediction does not necessarily need to love Shanghai well, for example, some time ago rampant love Shanghai ranked clicks, I’m such a tool would be a simulation click cheating to deal with, this and last year and this year is the brush fire love Shanghai related search and the drop-down box tools will be banned in Shanghai love. Is not reported, not the time, looking forward to love Shanghai faster algorithm to solve this vulnerability.


Keywords analysis of another weapon love Shanghai index

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We have said that Google I love the

C mainly has 2 blocks, one for most of the above trend, "

In fact,

in general A part can be subdivided into 3 pieces, by keyword comparison, through regional comparison, by contrast, were carried out to compare the generated in figure B trend chart, from which we can directly see the keywords, different parts of the same keywords, the trend of the time, only than Google keywords contrast trend further, we can make a more thorough understanding of the industry in the development and the trend of different regions in different time.


front trend, today we say that another weapon keyword analysis, love Shanghai index.



and Google trends, love Shanghai index is a keyword research tool, Google trends than its more powerful. Compared with Google, love Shanghai index is through the chart form to display the change trend of keyword search volume and time, but to make up for the visual display in the disadvantages of not noble baby search, in addition to adding the relevant keyword search and user population distribution information of more detailed data, we look.


B and C block can be combined together, but because the B block for us is a very important data in Shanghai love index, so I gave him another out and said, the above is the time range and trend chart of this keyword, but I think it would not understand elaborate, in several words "user attention", this is the Google does not exist in the trend, I regard him as a user search volume (not search volume) to treat, with Google trend people and I think we all know, Google keyword can generate a trend trend, but don’t know how much for a keyword specific daily search volume, the data and the love of Shanghai, just to make up for the disadvantages of Google trends, we can make certain specific words how many people are there in the search in a certain period of time, he The trend of how, can be said to help us great significance. In the following media attention and is in a period of time, the number of news in the news and the Shanghai love theme of the most relevant keywords, then there are 2 arrows, what is this? It is to play the role of the time axis, you can drag it to quickly adjust the time range for data comparison.



love index of Shanghai official website: 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/

through the above Shanghai index is divided into six blocks:

On the long tail keywords and keywords of Shanghai dragon core how useful

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When the word length is 5

and length of four and five, a word about, we can see the poor flow almost half of the way, this is we need to pay attention to.

before we talk about the long tail keywords and key words, we must first understand that Shanghai dragon is used to do what, the answer is very simple: in order to solve the user encountered during the search problem. While we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, often have the following several kinds of forms:

through data background analysis, we analyze the following conclusions,


1, a few words to focus on several core words do rankings.

when the word length is 6 words: City + brand +XX majority

3, user oriented aspects of the demand, the first thing to understand is that what the user needs, we how to provide users with such a demand, slowly, our role will gradually from the pure Shanghai Longfeng flow into PM guide role, to complete the work orders and revenue to continue to resolve user pain points.

in addition, we see the word XX from the chart, when the length of the key for 2 or 3 keywords, get traffic and not more than we imagine.


2, found that the long tail word effect, understanding by mining the long tail word do a large number of pages, in order to get more amount of traffic and orders.

here we give an example to extend, here is a keyword, we call XX, we associate query and the flow of user search results are as follows:

key words: brand +XX book, how +XX features…… .

shows the results are key words of word length, the number of keywords, keywords brought flow, average flow rate and the single word flow accounting, through flow accounting, we can easily analyze the flow amount of keywords in the red tag and its corresponding, it is not difficult to see from this part of the word the traffic flow as the main source of the station.

when the length of the key for 10, 11, 13, this is a very long list of keywords, you can clearly see what the user’s search intention, such as users often search long tail words, coupled with the company’s name.


………… .


and so on, through the core keywords and long tail word into such >

simple analysis of Query features are:

word length is 4: the user’s search for the brand +XX, city +XX, and general +XX

We The rest of the

of course, we can see from the chart that can be more, this is not the one.

How to update the website optimization

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is a few years ago, do not update the article does not send the chain do website ranking will fall, but now is 2016, the search engine algorithm has been gradually intelligent, love Shanghai search engine recently launched Baidu Spider3.0, will mean a new algorithm to change the current and future site update frequency what is it in favor of Dongguan

Summary: Many novice About

Shanghai dragon will have this question: how the update frequency is conducive to the website optimization? No matter what kind of small and medium-sized enterprise website, there is always the time write enough, but the article is not updated, the website ranking will be

update frequency is based on the user traffic and demand and other seasonal factors such as the common >

of course, update frequency in different sectors of the site is not the same, for example, the Dongguan garment industry website, generally divided into off-season season, summer and winter, that is to say when the season changes, in order to adapt to the changing needs of the users, we have to adjust the site update frequency.


is also a problem, we are most concerned about is the update frequency low end will not lead to the site’s ranking drop? This problem is going to depend on the specific circumstances, such as web site ranking in search of natural time did not enter the first two pages, then the frequency of updates to maintain a good, content updates must be of good quality, do not a large number of low quality content update. If you have entered the first two pages, but also want to continue to move forward, then the update frequency and the content is according to your competitors to decide, wait until when the top three rankings stable, as long as you can keep the new visitors into regular visitors, the daily traffic tends to be stable, even if it is not to update the site also can keep the site’s ranking, of course, ranking naturally become the object to go beyond the others, they still need to pay close attention to competitors website dynamic, make adjustments according to the situation, in order to keep the country.

first, the essential factor to update the contents of the site is the user experience, can change from the needs of users, for example, access to large amount of users demand for new information must be strong and urgent, this site requires frequent updates, and according to the analysis of statistical data, accurate update user to demand, to achieve high user experience. On the contrary, website traffic is less, it will often update, time can be a few days to a week or so to update your website, anyway, according to traffic and user needs to develop web site update frequency.

website optimization?

finally see some low quality + updates slow site has good rankings, perhaps because the reason competition degree is not high, perhaps is the use of software brush up, using the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, a short period of time or to have a small effect, but does not suggest that we do. For a long time ranking is the hard truth!

Love Shanghai algorithm constantly change three master station to

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, take time for

was K, after a period of waiting, then have to look at the site of the recovery, if still not what changes, the site index are not what great progress, then surely the love sea k you stand with you "joke", is with you really, all this time we should reflect on their own once did, to see whether they have done it sorry thing, and then according to their own mistakes to improve, so let yourself love Shanghai. This practice is.

two, stick to their Shanghai dragon optimization plan

to halt the troops and wait.


reflection all do whatAfter

life is unpredictable, the Shanghai dragon industry, ranking ups and downs even the website by K is very normal, love Shanghai recently big changes, perhaps a better improve the user experience of the website, on the other hand also has a relationship with their own interests, but anyway, the site was K also, we should stick to our Shanghai dragon optimization plan, do the thing you should do every day, for example, planned to give their logistics site updated daily number of articles to their website every day how much do the chain, every day is planned for, not because the site snapshot not update, keyword ranking dropped, feel pessimistic, do what things are boring, do stand is perhaps one of the difference between the old owners with the biggest novice.

love Shanghai algorithm changes constantly, is the webmaster friends in general All the world knows., every Friday will be a little change, including website rankings, this is also to our webmaster a little expectations; and in recent months that love Shanghai changed, become more elusive, getting more it is difficult to serve, frequent Earthquake algorithm changes, often a good website that disappear, often a good ranking that would not be in the face of love, Shanghai algorithm change constantly, the site was K what should we do? I think it should be considered from three points, rather than blindly snapadoo.

a website without snapshot, not included, no ranking, perhaps the real reason is not their own, but the cause of love of Shanghai itself, found in the latest case, fall in love with the sea in addition to its own internal error, leading to confusion ranking, some recent website is k It is without rhyme or reason. phenomenon, such as very concerned about the webmaster friends of Shanghai dragon why website, the words Shanghai Longfeng ranked first in the two or three years, has recently disappeared, this let many webmaster surprised that Shanghai dragon why did the wrong thing, a series of speculation was spread like a raging fire, but the number one position in a few days to recover one way or another, speculation has become a cloud, if it is to be in love with the sea K, the recovery is not so simple. Therefore, when a site is in love with the sea K, webmaster friends should take time for waiting, perhaps is the best choice.

The problem of website optimization Shanghai dragon Er have to consider

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2. website. The weight of the website is a critical issue for the optimization of each site for. The site of high quality and high weight, flow naturally Everfount >

1. website snapshot not update. As the optimization of a website is to own website snapshot daily rapid updates, and ranked in the home page first love Shanghai. But the desire often is good, the reality is always not so satisfying. We often encounter website snapshot has not updated problem. How to do? If a snapshot of the site long time not updated, then the result can only be more and more low weight site, traffic is also decreasing. So how to achieve the website snapshot or even on the same day to be included? Website snapshot after all is Baidu spider can normally come to our website and grab fresh of useful information. As I love Shanghai spiders don’t grab our web content, only then that our website content is the content of no value or long time no update website. To know the love of spiders in Shanghai on a website is to grasp good content, but also daily are different, or you want to update today once and for all, the content of the website is long time no, so the natural outcome is the website snapshot update has to keep up with the. Then as long as our website optimization, every time the update website content. Go out to publish original fresh information website. It will naturally achieve overnight website snapshot update.

The weight of low

website optimization Shanghai dragon er who understand. Website optimization is a long-term and unexpected things. In the process of Web site optimization, most will have this or that is expected or unbelievable things. In the face of website optimization in the process of attack, which requires us to master the methods of some of the face of website optimization in the process of case how do we face. So we have to face those problems are considered in the website optimization process, here I briefly introduce three kinds of common problems, namely the website snapshot not update the site, low weight, small site traffic.

with website optimization low entry threshold is more and more, so there is a lot of people have entered the ranks of website optimization. But not all of the website optimization can earn pours. More and more people join the ranks of the website optimization, website optimization also indicates that the industry competition will be more intense. So we want to get more benefits in the fierce competition, it requires our site optimization do very well, in full compliance with the search engine’s favorite. But to make our website optimization to achieve this realm, for many web site optimization, or to experience a long experience. Because we will always appear in the website optimization in a variety of unexpected circumstances, let us have to face seriously. Here are some of our website in the optimization process common to consider.

We have done the