Provincial Center Group held a seminar Luo Huining presided over and delivered an important speech

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from May 26th to 27, the provincial Party committee held a learning center Luo Huining presided over and delivered an important speech to learn to implement the general secretary of the series of important speech spirit continues to lead

5 month 26 to 27, the provincial Party committee held a meeting of the central group, organized learning system, Xi Jinping, general secretary series important speech reader (2016 edition). Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining presided over and made an important speech, stressed the need to continue to play a high degree of political responsibility and history, the study and implementation of the general secretary of the series of important speech continued to deepen the spirit of the speech.

focus on the exchange of learning activities, is an important arrangement to participate in the study and education of the two schools and one of the leading cadres above the provincial level. Two days, participants read the original, the original school, Wu principle, Jingxiaxinlai think and contact the actual work, the exchange discussed, felt that the series of speech grasp more comprehensive thinking, the theory with practice to research more profound, more focus on problem solving.

Luo Huining pointed out that the party since eighteen, has been provincial Party committee to study and implement the General Secretary Xi series of important speech as the primary political task, adhere to problem analysis, guiding the work of a series of speech, open up a new situation for green governance. In the past three years, all the achievements made in Qinghai, from the fundamental point of view, from the general secretary of the series of important speech to adhere to the spirit of the basic follow and action guide.

Luo Huining stressed in his speech, we want to continue to play a high degree of political responsibility and history, the study and implementation of the general secretary of the series of important speech continues to deepen the spirit of the speech. One from the mastery, armed mind go deep. Study and implement the spirit of a series of speeches, we must grasp the core meaning, understand the essence of thought. To understand the new ideas and new thoughts of the theses new requirements to grasp Marx’s stand point method through which the students to implement the General Secretary Xi Xi important instructions on the work of the spirit of Qinghai together, and constantly improve the ideological and political theory level, policy level and leadership level, more consciously and effectively to Chinese socialism in Qinghai to expand the good good. Two to apply their knowledge to promote the work go deep. Carry forward the style of combination of theory and practice, with a series of speech as the ideological weapon, strengthen problem consciousness, establish problem oriented research, solve the major problems in the process of advancement, implement the spirit of the speech to practical work to promote the central and provincial Party committee’s decision to deploy effective landing. We must continue to deepen the study and implement the general secretary at the four meeting of the twelve session of the NPC delegation of Qinghai important speech, the "three major solid" required to implement good, with 22 initiatives to promote the comprehensive promotion work, continuously enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of learning. Three to expand from the extension, full coverage go up. To strengthen the organization and leadership, with the "two a" learning education as an opportunity to adhere to the leading cadres to take the lead, promote the study and implement a series of speech to all members of the extension and expansion, to promote the series of speech into the organs, enterprises, into the countryside, into the community, into schools, into the barracks, a level to a good situation study and implement, layers, make;

Qinghai to strengthen the first photo after the reform of the funeral after the supervision of multi

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following the implementation of the first photo card after the reform, to maximize the release of the wide into the bonus, recently, the province’s commercial system reform and then a new lift, will strengthen the matter in the post regulation referred to a new height.

I, "on the first photo card after the reform to strengthen supervision afterwards things in the implementation of opinions", combined with the actual, from adhere to the administration, combined with the discharge pipe, clarify the responsibilities of departments, strengthen supervision and promote cooperative sector regulation, the implementation of joint discipline, promote social governance, put forward the specific comments, clear guiding ideology, basic principles and objectives and tasks.

according to the WHO approval, who supervision, who is in charge, who control principle, "opinions" put forward the establishment of regulatory responsibilities list and regulatory measures, the implementation of administrative approval directory management two requirements, the industry and Commerce Department and approval departments and industry departments with responsibility. The industrial and commercial departments to fulfill the dual inform duty, improve the normalization of regulatory mechanisms, strengthen risk prevention and control, strict administrative law enforcement norms and other three specific requirements. Emphasizes the perfect random checks focus on the daily supervision and inspection system; establish risk control mechanism; improve product quality and production area safety risk warning system; the included abnormal operating list and the list of serious illegal enterprise and the responsibility of the relevant personnel to limit or ban in related industries and fields etc.. Focuses on the industry department in charge of industry and commerce departments, departments of examination and approval, according to the requirements, will produce the performance of their duties during the annual report information, instant messaging, administrative licensing information, administrative penalties information, serious illegal information and other related market information, through the enterprise credit information publicity system complete collection in the enterprise name.

2016 before the end of the year, according to the "who, who who is responsible for publicity," principle, our province will be implemented at all levels of government and relevant departments through enterprise credit information publicity system, public law should be public information, real-time transmission of interoperability, achieve regulatory information and barrier free exchange. The realization of a complete system, clear responsibilities, efficient and smooth, strong supervision of government departments Joint Disciplinary Mechanism to discredit the main body, the formation of an illegal, everywhere limited, the Joint Disciplinary mechanism.

at the same time, the implementation of a clear Qinghai Province, after the first photo after the approval of the reform of the relevant regulatory requirements of the project list, to clarify the 233 regulatory responsibilities of the province’s 44 departments.


Xining City, the basic pension for retirees rose for many years

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28, learned from the city social security, work is being carried out to increase the basic pension for enterprise retirees, February 2nd, enterprise retirees get pensions for January.

in accordance with the requirements of the provincial and municipal governments and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance, the spirit of the city from January 1, 2010 onwards, the basic pension for enterprise retirees increased. The city’s adjustment of the basic pension treatment of enterprise retirees is the three year of the implementation of the new policy of the transfer of the past third years, and before the Spring Festival, time is tight, the task is heavy, the situation is complicated. It is understood that the city’s pension adjustment involves a total of 105 thousand enterprise retirees, accounting for about the total number of retirees in the province’s total of 60%. The City County Social Security Bureau attaches great importance to this work, the adjustment of pensions to work as a political task, to elaborate organization, careful arrangements, make adjustments to the work programme from people formed a working group to convene a special meeting of pension for enterprise retirees increased in all aspects of the work information issued for the specific deployment and implementation, go all out do the adjustment of pensions work.

it is reported that the city’s retirees in 2010 to increase the pension payment alone in January. February increase in the retirement pension fund into the base of normal distribution, will be in place before the spring festival. At the same time, the city social security bureau to complete the audit work of enterprise retirees capital has basic staff to do the work, to give up the rest day, work every day until the evening of 11, to ensure that the replacement of the pension payment in place before February 2nd.

other news: according to the actual situation of the jurisdiction of the bankrupt enterprise more and more poor people in our city, East District Government Labor and social security departments as soon as possible full pension replacement blonde to more than 6000 enterprise retirees. As at 17 on January 28th, the District issued a total of more than 99 yuan in advance pension payment in place. To reissue pensions Wang Yuzhen told reporters that in 1993 she retired when only 300 yuan monthly salary, then enter the social security pension rises again, she is now a month to receive more than 1400 yuan, more and more days moisturizing. Enterprise retirees Zhu Jiang said that he was caught up with a good day, 2002 every year since the retirement pensions are up this year, his pension rose 200 yuan, what’s more, his old father of the pension also rose, and he also rose more than 20 yuan, you can put the old man a happy, everyone said the party and government policy.


Public memo 48 trains in the spring to adjust the suspension ticket

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recently, the reporter learned from the railway sector, due to the need to adjust in the spring of 2015, since January 17th, from the beginning of the year, the Xining Railway Station to suspend the sale since the year of March 17th, from, a total of 48 trips through the passenger train ticket. The railway department staff said that the recovery of train ticket sale time yet to be determined, the specific release time in Xining Railway Station railway department received the relevant notice, the first time through a variety of channels to inform the passengers.

according to the China Railway Corporation, the board of transportation operations notice requirements, due to the 2015 spring adjustment needs, some trains need to adjust the number of trips or running time. Since March 17th, 20 originating stand, the Xining Railway Station will be temporarily closed part of the sale of passenger train tickets. As the train ticket pre-sale period is extended to 60 days, since January 17th will stop offering since March 17th, a total of 39 trains of train tickets, including: Lanzhou West – Urumqi South D2701, South Urumqi – Lanzhou West D2702 times, Lanzhou West – Urumqi South D2703, South Urumqi – Lanzhou West D2704 times, Xining South Urumqi D2715 times, Urumqi South – Xining D2716 times, Lanzhou West – Xining D2721/2 times, Lanzhou West – Xining D2723/4 times, Lanzhou West – Xining D2725 times, Lanzhou West – Xining D2731/2 times, Lanzhou West – Xining D2733/4 times, Lanzhou West – Xining D2735/6 times, Lanzhou West – Jiayuguan South D2741/2, West Lanzhou South – Jiayuguan D2743/4 times, Lanzhou West – Jiayuguan South D2745/6, South Jiayuguan – Lanzhou West D2758 times, Lhasa – Beijing West Z 21/2, Shanghai – Urumqi South Z40/1, Urumqi South – Shanghai Z42/39 times, Ji’nan – Urumqi South Z105, Urumqi South – Ji’nan Z106 times, Beijing West – Xining Z151 times, Lhasa – Shanghai Z164/5 times, Z166/3 times, Lhasa – Guangzhou Z264/5 times, Z266/4 times, Qingdao – Xining Z272/3 times, Z274/1 times Lhasa, Lanzhou – Chengdu – Lhasa Z917/8 times, T22/3 times, T24/1 times, Beijing West – Xining T175 times, Lhasa – Chongqing North T222/4 times, T224/1 times, Shanghai – Xining K376/7 times, Xining – Wuchang K622/3 times, Wuchang – Xining K624/1 times, Zhengzhou – Xining K889 times, Yinchuan – Xining K915/6 times, Xi’an Xining – Chengdu – Xining K1009 times, K1058/9 times, Xining – Chengdu K1060/57 times, Xining – Shenyang North K1518/9 times, K1520/17 times Shanghai – Xining K2186/7 times, K2188/5 times.

since January 20th, Xining Railway Station to stop offering since March 20th, a total of 9 train tickets, including, Xining-;

Xining next year will set up a tourism command

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In December 3rd, the reporter learned from the Xining City, organized by the tourism industry safety supervision staff training, in order to solve the work in the tourism industry management issues, create a good tourism environment, tourism in Xining next year will set up a command by the mayor served as commander in chief, the implementation of high command, to ensure the orderly conduct of the work of tourism. This also shows that the Xining municipal government attaches great importance to tourism.

Research on united front and national religious work

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provincial Party Standing Committee, Minister of the United Front Department once led the Research Group in-depth part of the county of Xining City, the research on the central and provincial United Front in a series of major decisions to deploy the implementation, and to study and implement the national religious work conference to carry out research. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao to participate in the research forum held in the city.

, Dan and his entourage went to Xining Dongguan mosque, Beishan Tulou view, the Catholic Church, Chaoyang Street teaching field of Christ Church, and religious circles, cordial conversation, a detailed understanding of the party’s religious policy implementation, and to listen to everyone’s opinions and suggestions. Once the Department pointed out that we should earnestly study and implement the national religious conference spirit, adhere to the party’s basic principle of religious work, adhere to the China direction, and actively guide religions to adapt to socialist society, to ensure that the party’s religious policy, air plant management of religious affairs orderly, religion continued harmony and stability.

in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town of Tal old village, West District Xinghai Street office and Xing Hai Lu, Chengzhong District Primary School South Beach office building a new community, Dan Branch and grassroots cadres and teachers and the interaction with the masses, understand the basic situation of national unity and progress to create. Once the Department pointed out that the creation of the national unity and progress advanced area is a major strategic task of Qinghai related to global and fundamental and long-term impact, to push on all levels of national unity and progress to create "eight" activities, efforts to create a focus on the grassroots level, measures implemented at the grassroots level, reflects the effectiveness at the grassroots level, continue to strengthen ethnic groups the masses "five identity".

and discussions with the cadres in the city of Xining to the United Front Work Department report, once pointed out, should study and understand the major decisions of the central and provincial united front work deployment spirit, further unify their thinking and understanding; in the work of the national community as the starting point, to further promote the city’s ethnic work; adhere to the guidance and support of both, to promote the non-public economy "two healthy development; to guide the intellectuals to focus on strengthening the work arrangements for the use of non party people.

Wang Xiao pointed out that Xining should seize the implementation of the central and provincial Party Committee United Front work major decisions and arrangements of the important window period, to further deepen the advanced area to create national unity and progress of work, efforts to do a good job in the field of religion, grasp the United Front Work in Hong Kong and Macao overseas, and make new contributions to the development and stability.


Xining 4050 and 80 into a high incidence of divorce

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Xining City Civil Affairs Department statistics show that 4050 and 80 into a high incidence of divorce in our city.

in recent years, the divorce rate is rising year by year in Xining. According to the staff of the West District Civil Affairs Bureau, so far this year, only 602 of the west region had dealt with a divorce, the divorce rate has increased over the same period last year, of which 3/4 of the divorce is "4050" and "80" crowd. Analysis of the relevant personnel, 4050 people married in 10 years, entered the "aesthetic fatigue", and between husband and wife because of economic disputes and other reasons, so that such people become one of the high risk of divorce. The "80" most of the only child, often in the marital life of self centered, do not know how to forgive and considerate of others, can not be the slightest grievance, leading to the emergence of such a short-lived marriage". According to the West District Civil Affairs Bureau staff, in recent years, the city’s 80 young couple’s divorce rate continues to rise, and even some newly married couple after second days to go through divorce procedures.

this, marriage experts pointed out that marriage also need to compromise, only the couple mutual understanding, mutual tolerance, in order to get a real happy life. (author: Zhu Xiaowen)


Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to celebrate the ninety anniversary of the founding

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"Seven • one" approaching, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau combined with the actual work of environmental protection, and earnestly carry out the rich content, various forms of celebration to celebrate the party’s birthday, to commemorate the founding of the Communist Party of China 90 anniversary

  seven · one is approaching, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau combined with the actual working environment, earnestly carry out rich and diverse forms of celebration for the birthday party to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese.

is an organization to carry out the history of the Communist Party of China education, history books and red classic books recommended to guide Party members and cadres, Party members and cadres and the masses to fully understand and correctly understand the party’s glorious history, great achievements and valuable experience, the glorious tradition and fine style, efforts to improve the party members and cadres of the party concept, political quality and level of leadership.

two is the Bureau of the Party branch and the branch held a special organizational life, to carry out the Party of learning activities, review the "constitution" and the party oath, and actively carry out criticism and self-criticism, through in-depth study, so that all members to further understand and grasp the basic knowledge of the party, strengthen the party spirit consciousness, improve the ideological consciousness.

three is to invite global retired veteran comrades to the global forum, 19 retired members donated ninety anniversary of the founding of Communist Party Chinese medals and "Chinese communist party 90 years retired cadres Memorial Handbook" with you, old comrades together to review the China communist party 90 years of glorious history through about 90 years, the brilliant achievements of the Party led the people to obtain, to discuss the future development strategy of Xining environmental protection.

four is the focus on the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding "theme activities, organizations of all Party members and cadres and workers to participate in the" party in my heart "singing sing poetry contest, the Communist Party and socialism, the reform and opening up, the great motherland is good the main theme of the times, the actual action of confidence and political enthusiasm to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding glow into solid work, forge ahead, ideals and faith, strengthen party vanguard awareness, conscientiously fulfill the duties of environmental protection, for the construction of livable industry, should travel, the pleasant life of the city and is full of vitality, real force, highlight the charm and affinity for the rich city of happiness and work hard.

five is the organization of Party members and cadres representatives actively participate in the superior departments of the organization of document writing contest, "the party is in my heart" essay, to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese Memorial large dance performances to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China theme "forever monument" theatrical performances and other activities.

six is the further deepening of chuangxianzhengyou activities, to meet the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding, first-class environmental performance "as the theme, through the development of advanced science, catch up with the advanced clean government education, environmental emergency drills, professional and technical personnel of environmental monitoring and environmental monitoring of contest, business training and other activities to continue to serve the overall development, crack the environmental problem in chuangxianzhengyou.

seven is to organize rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, organized by the "Ode to the party" performances, "red songs we sang", than hiking;

Xining city traffic police detachment centralized passenger transport and winter traffic safety

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for the reduction and prevention of road traffic accidents, Xining city traffic police detachment from now until December 31st, the passenger traffic and traffic safety in winter concentrated rectification within the city, will be an important section of the implementation of the 24 hours of road passenger transport safety management, severely punished overcrowding of passenger vehicles, speeding and driver fatigue driving, drunk driving and other serious traffic violations.

remediation activities, to have more than two times the overcrowding, speeding, fatigue driving and other serious traffic violations, special education; the record of 12 points, the driver has serious traffic accident records the driver and passenger vehicles, do not pass the inspection did not eliminate traffic violations or security risks passenger vehicles, passenger transport enterprises compulsory classes to stop rectification. There is overcrowding illegal behavior of the punishment does not change the passenger business vehicles within two years, will be punished for the direct responsibility of enterprises; one is strictly prohibited speeding, overcrowding of passenger vehicles of more than 20%, more than 50% of speeding traffic violations driver, supervise passenger transport enterprises to adjust the position, and timely Send a copy of transport enterprises, informed the transportation department according to the law severely dealt with.

at the same time, remediation activities, the traffic police department will take 24 hours of service management system, the establishment of service station at checkpoints, every car of 7 seats or more passenger will check, focus on examination of the passenger vehicle is equipped with more than 2 drivers, the driver fatigue driving condition of existence.


Xining city district superintendent responsibility work officially started

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In order to further promote the reform and innovation of educational supervision in our city, accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism to promote the educational supervision and the implementation of quality education, supervise and guide the schools at all levels to strictly regulate the behavior, to do the people’s satisfaction of education, in September 20th, the city Department of education in Qinghai Huangchuan middle school held in Xining City, district superintendent responsibility ceremony, director and district director of education and education supervision department of the city at all levels of school principals and supervisors, the head of liaison municipal district superintendent responsibility and part-time inspectors more than 150 people attended the ceremony


in order to further promote the work of educational supervision reform and innovation, accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism to promote the educational supervision and the implementation of quality education, supervise and guide the schools at all levels to strictly regulate the behavior, to do the people’s satisfaction of education, in September 20th, the city Department of education in Qinghai Province in Xining city held by the school district superintendent responsibility ceremony, director, district the director of education and education supervision department of the city at all levels of school principals and supervisors, the head of liaison municipal district superintendent responsibility and part-time inspectors more than 150 people attended the ceremony.

this year, according to the Ministry of education and the Xining Provincial Department of education on the strengthening of the relevant requirements of the construction of educational inspection District, combined with Xining actual education, introduced the "Xining implementation opinions" on strengthening the construction of district superintendent responsibility, take the lead in establishing the educational inspection District in the province. I will every school within the jurisdiction into the area of responsibility, to achieve all the public, the city within the jurisdiction of the private school (including the occupation school, kindergarten) supervision "full coverage"; when implementing regular follow-up supervision and implementation of school visits, the whole process supervision form; different professional supervision team, the school’s comprehensive supervision. Through the full coverage, the whole process, all-round, to promote the school’s self reflection, self-improvement, continuous improvement.

to start the ceremony, the City Board of education requires the inspector responsibility area should make full use of this platform to the area of responsibility, and enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen theoretical study and grasp the policies and regulations, grasp the law of education, schools, teachers and students, deep into the community, find problems and difficulties, to collect opinions and suggestions, as a good student, parents and school education, and social masses between the bridge and link, and strive to achieve scientific and democratic supervision, supervision, supervision, supervision for sunshine effectively, promote development of education content, establish a good image of education to make a positive contribution. The school area of responsibility to actively cooperate with the responsibility of district inspectors to carry out the work, create favorable conditions to facilitate the work, seriously listen to opinions and suggestions, positive feedback rectification, to ensure the effectiveness of district superintendent responsibility system.