Exploration of improving user experience on stock website

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as we all know, in many industry website categories, the stock website is more competitive. Several large domestic financial websites such as eastmoney.com, such as the financial sector are listed companies, the rich and powerful, most of the market share of such monopoly. As a small individual stock site operations, in the Internet industry environment and the increasingly tense situation in the industry under the feudal rule, how to find their own profit space and maintain survival, is the top priority in front of.

small station Wuling investment network early construction site, so far more than August. In the short period of operation, some progress has been made. Selected DMOZ stock and debt "directory, the main keyword" stock today "," today the stock market "in the Baidu home page. However, what has always been puzzling is that it can not find a better profit model and development breakthrough. Although the content of the website with the original, the ranking is also good, traffic is also decent, but the limitations of personal website, the website quality and user experience can not always improve, income also rely solely on a commission income Baidu, Google alliance. For the stock type website, visitors are investors, need is the real value and quality of investment information, therefore, you really want to make a big breakthrough, body up website content quality, enhance the user experience is always constantly thinking about the problem.

and colleagues recently chatted and this problem, it also deeply felt the same. Peer owners cast a stock network as an old station, PR5, ranking has been good, a few main keywords often ranked first in Baidu. However, to my surprise, he told me that his website’s per capita browsing was only about 2 times, while my flow was not as good as his, but at about 5 times. I learned that he was not in the securities industry, the article mostly is only a pseudo original, we know So that is what it is. From this point of view, the importance of the professional and content of the stock station is very important to the development of the website.

carefully analyzed his Wuling investment network and found that there were still a lot of problems. The beginning of establishment, to today’s stock "," stock basic knowledge "," investment experience "as the main section, the main consideration is to own more than 10 shares of age, these can write. While others such as financial review, fund research, etc. in fact gold exchange is the excess, that this could not be decided by the nature of the original content, but also the professional ability, no wonder that even the most iron man also said that every day I only see the stock, the other in those big financial websites to see. Under deliberation, feeling only stock funds and the stock data query answering column is a large website to do less personal and power, and this is also the majority of investors need and practical content. In order to get a good user experience, it seems that these are the only things that can be done.

however, the problem has come up again. The particularity of the stock website makes the qualification of the relevant content more stringent. If the funds data query is mostly large commercial software business is unique, do not pay huge fees, it is difficult to talk about cooperation; and the stock answer is more >

Charging from the beginning is the key to the sustainable development and profitability of the indus

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subdivision industry station has always been one of the personal direction of the station, the big and complete web site can not meet the needs of users; small and sophisticated, meticulous service to meet the individual needs of users, in order to retain users. To do a niche industry is a good future, and it can also bring considerable revenue. Then how to do a breakdown industry station,


A5 on Thursday April 19th exceeded invited www.86yx.cn founder China ginkgo online share superb segments of the industry operating experience and ideas as well as the station industry profit model, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: guests from 2006 began operating Ginkgo biloba online, said was considering local no decent ginkgo industry so to build this website, what are the problems encountered when building the main website, is how to solve? Can you explain in detail.

answer: at that time, the problems encountered were mainly business, technical and service problems. Business, to run the business, then they did not agree with the network, said network liar, do not dare; technically, the vulnerable site, the server is closed, is a problem; service, customer service service, the customer does not receive the phone, think of ways to adjust the.

As for the

to solve these problems to do business, several successful cases, indeed let customers earn money, customer investment is to make money, some customers earn money, can affect a large customer to invest, slowly will agree; technically, looking for loopholes, find the reasons, the long-term problem. More exchanges and more network security; ask people, services, and guide customers to do the hard work, send the supply of information, quotation, purchase more than playing phone, as long as diligent, the effect is still there.

Q: from the guest website can see the website advertising very much, these are the charges, also said the site is now the annual income is very considerable, can now talk about the site’s profit, site specific income?


is a senior member of the website construction, network, advertisement, and late value-added products, such as bulk software, promotion (Baidu Google Sogou soso), 400 phone, I do on the Internet can make products, but the effect is better, can not engage in those waste products to customers.


website profit way station specifically refers to what? To customers to build a web site? Senior member, referring to the registration fees of membership? A member is about how to charge? Annual or perennial way? In addition, the site is now charging users about how many


answer: website construction means to build websites for clients. Registration fee membership, originally 360 yuan a year, advertising, send a member; now light member 580 yuan a year, advertising free of charge a senior member. About 1500 subscribers will be charged.

: guests like the industry website, general customers >

How do local SNS sites train repeat customers

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SNS website, especially in the local SNS site not to flow for the pursuit of goals, others regard SEO as the main lessons, we seek after all is the active member, which is a general sense of repeat. Today, the national SNS website innumerable vertical segments of the site, such as growing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Local SNS sites based on region or city are under great pressure. In such a fierce competition, how should local SNS sites train repeat customers?

first, through the existing relatives, friends, classmates, fellow villagers to promote, the formation of the core users of the site. The local SNS site is based on the "six space" theory, this theory can be described as: "the common ground between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, by at most six people you can know any stranger." In other words, in order to meet new friends, at least through 1 to 6 already know friends, thus, SNS website early focus or acquaintance between promotion. First of all, the site recommended to friends around, fellow villagers and classmates, this is at least dozens and hundreds of people. As a result, the site of the first loyal member of the core circle formed, and these people will become the backbone of the follow-up development of the site.

secondly, SNS website should highlight regional characteristics, let users find the feeling of home, so that they have a sense of belonging. First of all, from the details of the site to deal with, for example, the site navigation design more prominent features of the local. Many SNS sites are using UCHOME program, many webmasters upload the program to space, began to promote, and even the site LOGO are reluctant to change their own. Just use Baidu Search Powered by UcenterHome, you can find out tens of thousands of people a stereotyped, website. A website without characteristics is like a person without personality, others will not remember you; similarly, local websites without geographical features can not obtain the local people’s trust. In this regard, wheat network approach is worth considering, it will take a look at the column named Pedestrian Street (pedestrian street is a famous shopping center in Hefei, Hefei and even the whole Anhui province has high visibility), which allows users to come in, there is a kind of intimacy.

once again, the website should be "people-oriented", highlighting the humanistic care of the website. The SNS site is more human centered than any type of Web site, and the user is god. Everything we do is for the user. To this end, our website managers should do: first, recruit several beautiful MM as customer service, every time there are new members registered, they must leave a message or say hello, welcome. Many beginners don’t use the new features of the website, and the customer service staff should be patient and meticulous. Second, administrators can not hide in the periphery, to go deep into the public, and users become integrated, so that they feel that the site managers are around us. Third, to those tables >

Good website optimization needs to adhere to the 4 principles

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how to optimize the site, making search engines more like their own web site, has become the webmaster friends most concerned about. The optimization of a website is made up of many factors. Here comes my personal experience about website optimization and new experience.

first, we must adhere to the principle of "original is king". A website to profit to play his value, then the flow is king as its value, but any website in order to get a large number of visitors, so after all, or sticking to the original king". The original thing is not only customers like, but more importantly, search engines rely more on it. Therefore, a website to do optimization, then we must adhere to the "original king" principle, every day to update an original article. Only in this way can increase the website’s collection as well as the website weight, also can achieve the website optimization goal.

second, the website structure should be close, the page should be concise. Website optimization to achieve reasonable layout of the site, tight structure, there is a sense of hierarchy. The direct relevance of the pages within each site should be natural and appropriate. On the page, be careful to keep the page simple. Many webmaster websites like to hang all kinds of ads, such as some floating ads or pop-up ads, so seriously affected the user experience. At the same time, it will make search engines very sick.

third, it is necessary to constantly optimize the link to the site. At link time, you should always check the website of the Links, check whether these links exist or links to search engine drop right site links. If there are links or search engine drop right, should promptly stop with links, so therefore implicated and punished by search engine.

fourth, do the site of the chain, also important website optimization. To optimize the site, but also in the web site outside the chain work hard. More in some weight higher website BBS, leave your own web link, or batch of blog, do their own chain, help spiders crawl to your web site, is conducive to search engine included.

a webmaster to optimize their own web site, need to do a lot of work. Website optimization methods are also many, the above four point optimization is only personally considered more important website optimization strategy.

please indicate the original article reproduced from Xiangying station network, this paper addresses: http://xiangyingwzh.com/Html/ 466_1.html


Agricultural products B2B market concern, China store network value highlights

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At the second session of the CCFA

retail marketing forum the agricultural Chinese in Henan Province, in this forum, Henan, sales of agricultural products is highly regarded. Especially with the maturity and development of the Internet and e-commerce market, how to quickly enter the supermarket and other retail channels has become a topic of widespread concern in the industry.

, the pioneer of B2B market in China’s retail service, made a forward market analysis report at the meeting by Wang Haibo, chairman of China Network library.

currently, the "financial turmoil" has had a substantial impact on retail sales. For example, some of the supermarket sales of bedding will be able to explain the rapid decline in consumer has been Chibidaigou or reduce consumption emotions, just area and intensity of the current impact is still small. Wang Haibo said the crisis was a wake-up call, but also should be regarded as the retail industry development opportunities, because more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the marketing channels of e-commerce and other emerging, pay more attention to the construction of the supply chain logistics, procurement of fresh products, but also the only way to establish the scale and standardization of the various operating costs of sterilization the low cost to grow with each passing day, efficient marketing purposes.


" and the rapid development of the Internet, the corresponding is that China’s 80 million Internet consumption is increasing, this consumer situation has already caused a huge impact on real stores. Another characteristic is that environmentally friendly stores increasingly mainstream, especially green food by the big supermarkets are very heavy. They are making great efforts to localize purchasing, and even started building their own green food base." Wang Haibo pointed out that at present the reality of the situation, China network library attaches great importance to the development and operation of agricultural network, is using around the layout and the agricultural industry network (such as China radish net) to help major supermarket of agricultural products to achieve the localization of real purchasing. On the one hand, it saves the purchasing cost of supermarkets, and enriches the variety of purchasing; on the other hand, it achieves the goal of helping the agricultural products to enter the "efficient" sales channels.

Wang Haibo said that in the process of helping agricultural products to enter the store, China’s net store into China’s network will play an active role. As of now, in Chinese into the store network retailers have already covered department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores and shopping malls, brand stores and other entities retail enterprises and various FMCG suppliers. In the current environment, the rapid rise of the platform will undoubtedly bring new marketing opportunities for Chinese agricultural products sales.

It is reported that

, China into the store network is China network Kuli when market research for more than 1 years after the launch of the new retail industry B2B platform, which aggregates NASDAQ listed companies Fuji RONGTONG more than 800 supermarkets and other retailers and China database, network library under the banner of the thousands of industry website resources. Along with the deepening of China docking into the store network and Fuji RONGTONG ERP system, Chinese into the store network will gradually establish the largest retailer supplier database, database and database products, so as to completely open up the upstream and downstream industry chain B2B, built.

The simplest and practical way to solve the hidden dangers of SQL injection

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now do the professional website more and more, more and more rich and full, but many people may not find many websites procedures in the preparation, no judgment on the user input data validity, the application security risks. This is the SQL injection problem.

What is

SQL injection,


many web applications, when written, do not judge the validity of the user’s input data, so that the application has security problems. The user can submit a database query code (usually, accessed through normal www ports in the browser address bar), according to the results of the program returns, get to know some of the data, this is the so-called SQL Injection, namely SQL injection.

web nightmare – SQL injection into


SQL injection modifies the web database via the web page. It can directly add users with administrator privileges in the database, thereby gaining system administrator privileges. Hackers can use the administrator privileges to obtain any files on the website, or add Trojan horse and various malicious programs on the website, which can cause great harm to the users of the website and the users who visit the website.

SQL injection defense lotus

‘s first step: many beginners download the SQL universal anti injection system from the Internet, where the head of the page that needs to be injected is used to prevent other people from performing manual injection testing. However, if you inject analyzer through SQL, you can easily skip the anti injection system and automatically analyze its injection point. Then it takes only a few minutes, and your administrator’s account number and password will be analyzed.

second step: to prevent the injection analyzer, the author found a simple and effective prevention method through experiments. First of all, we need to know how the SQL injection analyzer works. During the operation, it was found that the software did not go to the "admin" administrator account, but to the permissions (such as flag=1). As a result, no matter how your administrator account changes, you can not escape detection.

The third step:

unable to escape detection, then we do two accounts, one is the ordinary administrator account, one is to prevent into account, why? I think, if you find a maximum account permissions to create the illusion, attract detection software, and this is the content of account more than Chinese character words above, will be forced to analyze this account into the full load condition or resource depletion and crash. Now let’s change the database.


1. modifies the table structure. The administrator account field data type modified text into the maximum field 255 (in fact, enough, if you want to do more, you can choose a memo), the same set password field.

2. modifies the table. Set administrator rights >

To just want to graduate college students, webmaster

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now the students are graduating soon, and have become social professionals. How do we face the society and how to step into the society?. These have become a social problem, before graduation, develop www.youyoumeng.cn this station. This station has accompanied me for a college life. I take this website as the foundation, take the university life as the main line, tells everybody about a stationmaster’s University establishment experience.

, we finally entered this society. Since then, the school teachers have ended the life of care, the end of the parents’ good baby days, but also the end of the money from parents and brothers happy time.

we moved away from home, carrying their own bags for half new not cheap house rent down, began his life history.

our eyes are full of curiosity, our blood is full of passion, and our wallets are ever so small.

in the face of the first boss of the first batch of colleagues first job, we are so passionate, we consider ourselves equal to anything, we fantasysoon can build a world of their own, we are full of confidence for the future. And I hope to find a little pride from the envy of others.

, but gradually, we just know, in fact, the reality and their ideals are very different. We found that the boss is so sinister vicious, colleagues is so snobbish stingy, look at the code is so boring, we also found that the water and electricity charges to rent people worried to death. Payday always seemed so far away, in the shops as if only for others display, we also found only the weekend shopping to feel relieved to his alma mater, and only the old classmates chat play really happy only when walking on the street to see the beauty of it is not boring.

but we also learned bars, disco bar bar bar toy is the place we pass the boring time. But we still not global, before those skills in the theory of opinionated love money era is rubbish, are surprisingly feeble. So we sigh that the world has become too fast, so that we these people simply do not know what to do.

slowly we will become deep, no longer for website update, is no longer a very childish joke laugh, no longer whine, is no longer the innermost secrets easily tell people that. We don’t know whether it’s mature or depressed. Looking in the mirror, we find that the face inside is strange and terrible.

gradually, we seem to see what greatly discerning and apprehending, everything, then what we have with no reality whatever, it is indifferent, the bus is not a seat, saw the thief stealing too lazy, eat a small loss and it is even, but we have every day before class to worry about what to eat for dinner when you drink tea together, in the calculation of their own to pay the expenses this month and is just before going to sleep in, buy a space domain name >

The present situation of enterprise blog marketing

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enterprise blog marketing status: enterprise blog marketing has gradually become a new hot spot of network applications

as a typical form of Web2.0 applications, blog is a personalized and social information platform, from the beginning, it has been widely welcomed by the vast number of Internet users.

in recent years, blog service coverage and viscous continuous rapid growth, the blog has also become a hot industry network application after instant messaging, search, news, e-mail.

enterprise blog marketing also broke the concept of time and space, sitting in the office will be able to talk about business.

enterprise blog marketing status two: enterprise blog marketing and blog traffic is inseparable,

the most professional Internet marketing services company that Wangzhicheng, first of all, browse the corporate blog, must be your potential customers, you may get to know the final products through the blog, and you are interested in the business.

secondly, people who look at your blog posts must have some decision-making power before you can buy your product.

third is the big environment that has touched so many companies to buy products through blogs. First, do a little bit, because there are many people in the boss class blog at the blog, but this is not a big boss, second, corporate blog visitors are mostly company sales, there is no decision-making power, up enterprise blog really want to sell something many people want to buy in. Something less. Third doesn’t exist at all.

to sum up, enterprise blog marketing is worth mentioning, enterprise blog advertising is worth mentioning, most of them are still in the most junior stage, not to talk about blog entrepreneurship. At the end of this article, or to suggest Wangzhicheng all of you, don’t blog blog advertising and marketing as the main direction of your career, or to combine the traditional way of selling, your business can be in an invincible position.

how to do business blog marketing better, see blog marketing skills (http://www.70bj.cn/post/29.html).

Personal blog at the beginning of the notice

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with the rapid development of the Internet, the popularity of virtual mainframe and open source programs and other emerging bodies, station building is no longer difficult. As for the new station industry into the novice webmaster, personal blog site has become a good platform for their practice. Building an independent blog is not as complicated as we imagine, a domain name, a host space, and choosing a suitable blog program can easily build your own independent blog. Personal blog building is very simple, but in the early days there are still some considerations.


select high quality host space

a solid foundation to carry a thick building, and also for the search engine, the stability of space is also very important. The access speed and stability of space have great influence on SEO. Because most blogs are caused by search attracted traffic, if the space is not stable, the site long time ventilation, will make search engines no longer interested in, so as to reduce the friendly spider on the site, is not conducive to the overall site keywords ranking, but also affect the user experience. Here in order to let everyone less detours, I suggest you choose HostEase host space, the host speed and stability are very good, and the background operation is very simple, more suitable for new users.

selects the appropriate blogging program

select a suitable blog program, you can reduce the workload, especially for the novice, just contact this piece of friends, very helpful. At present, the mainstream Web language is PHP, and the independent blog uses a lot more is the WordPress program. Although Z-blog, Emlog and other CMS do well, but WordPress with its powerful BBS community power to occupy the commanding heights of independent blog program. In addition, choose a blog program, in the early stage of personal independence blog, page structure and layout also need good planning of the blog page layout framework structure and good grasp of the spider and the collection is very favorable.

content as much as possible based on the original

how to do an independent blog SEO, the important thing is: content is king, user experience is supreme. The contents of the original, this goes back to the third points, focus on their areas of expertise, try to write some more professional users, like, have the nutritional value of the article, this blog will be hit, then there will be a ranking and traffic. Say to the user experience, it is the UI page design, we select the appropriate blog theme, such as the IT class can choose simple classes; art can choose fresh type. Now there are many online good templates can be downloaded in the theme, you can go to search, find a website and you match the theme, installation simple settings, adjust the layout of the blog site, and ultimately improve the user experience, this is usually OK.

stable update frequency >

Tell you about the important principles set in the community section

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in the last article, "Lin Haoming took you through the local portal portal", this article said that today will share the next page for your webmaster set principle. If you have noticed, I wrote yesterday, I know the first rough, small, first big, small, first less, after the first heavy, light, first thin, fat after these principles. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the implications of these principles, and that’s the key to building a forum / community backbone.

first rough, then small

at the beginning, do not put too much emphasis on the plate, it should be in accordance with clothing, food, shelter, line these habits of consumption to be divided into sections. Just like a community, there will be 2 hand transactions, food, tourism, leisure irrigation, rental housing and other living quarters. But it can’t begin with gourmet dishes, local food and other sub dishes. The reason has said many times, before the public lecture graph king also said "addition & subtraction" to understand their own good experience.

first big, later small

at the beginning of the general section of the establishment of the forum, not to set too detailed or too simple. If the setting is too small, the overall community will be too deserted, but also greatly reduces community interaction. Therefore, we do not need to set the forum too detailed, and so on when the community gathered a certain popularity, it is not too late to improve the interaction and viscosity of members.

first, less, more

in the last paragraph, I mentioned that there was no need to start setting the paragraph too carefully because it was trying to get users together. Just imagine if we had only 100 members in the first 1 days, but one hundred of these 10% would like cars, 10% would like 2 hand deals, and 10% would like children. Join you to start the car, 2 hand transactions, parent-child, property and so on are opened, and the main plate with the sub plate, a total of more than 50. Well, our 1 members go to one channel and send it, and it seems insignificant in the whole. So you have to start small.

weigh first and then light

my earlier article also refers to "mind marketing."". In fact, our webmaster is doing the forum is also marketing, because you have to give users the needs of users, rather than your own favorite imposed on the user. So we must start with the most important modules that can be missing. Then, in considering the characteristics of the plate, in considering the details of the plate.

lean first and


there are only two choices. One is to choose "lean" first, but only the necessary sections (featured sections, main sections, core sections, entertainment section, management section) at the beginning. Another option is to "lose weight" in the operation you don’t open the pages slowly change after a period of operation, the most perfect website dedicated to the user.

actually, I don’t seem to be basically the same in writing these principles, but when you look at them carefully, you’ll notice a difference. I also believe that this article is more comprehensive about the forum settings section of the method, perhaps part of the station >